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Whole Body Cryotherapy Melbourne

Whole Body Cryotherapy Melbourne

Whole Body Cryotherapy is designed to supplement and improve your daily lifestyle, promoting natural healing at the cellular level. It is a game changer for physical health, mental clarity, high performance and recovery. It is a revolutionary technique for both active and inactive individuals to revitalise and get their body in great condition. Here at Fresh Treatments we can not stress the importance and benefits of cryotherapy enough. Our team is composed of leading physiologists that have extensive knowledge in the field of whole body cryotherapy and rehabilitation. With that in mind, we have set sail and aim to be the leading whole body cryotherapy Melbourne provider.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness – the whole body Cryotherapy experience creates a vasoconstrictive effect, which minimises inflammation, by reducing the amount of oxygenated blood being delivered to an affected area. Following a few moments, the blood vessels dilate to allow blood flow back in. This means that the tissues do not swell and, therefore, do not trigger an immune response of pain and soreness.

Depression, Anxiety and Insomnia – Cryotherapy aids these ailments by activating the Sympathetic Nervous System. The Sympathetic Nervous System prepares your body for physical and mental activity. It makes your heart beat faster and stronger, opens your airways so that you can breathe more easily, whilst inhibiting digestion. It is responsible for the fight or flight mechanism of the body.

If you are seeking reliable and experienced whole body cryotherapy Melbourne treatments that will rejuvenate your body and propel its functionality, seek no further as you have pinpointed the leading team here at Fresh Treatments. For additional information on our services and our whole body cryotherapy, feel free to contact us directly and speak with a lovely member of staff.

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Reap the benefits of our treatments and appreciate the feeling of longevity with each and every treatment. With an array of health benefits, our tailored treatment solutions will ensure the relaxation you have been seeking.

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Your body is screaming for some help. Give it the nutrients and treatments it requires to function at 100% capacity 100% of the time. Work, stress and overtraining are detrimental factors to your wellbeing – Let’s alleviate them together.

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An ancient Greek proverb stated that “A healthy mind requires a healthy body”. We cannot stress the importance of finding a balance in life and that you need to provide your body with the essentials to soothe mind and soul.

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Alleviate the perpetual stresses that life throws at you and dive into a world of rejuvenation like never before. From oxygen treatments, IV therapy all the way to remedial messages and IR saunas – we are your number one selection.

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