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high flow oxygen therapy Melbourne

High Flow Oxygen Therapy Melbourne

High flow oxygen therapy (O2 Therapy) is a form of respiratory assistance utilised in the hospital where oxygen, often in conjunction with compressed air and humidification, is delivered to a patient at rates of flow higher than that delivered traditionally in oxygen therapy. Whether you want to recovery from strenuous exercise, recover from injury or surgery, want to boost your energy levels or to minimise the complications from chronic diseases, high flow oxygen therapy is perfect for your overall health. A typical session lasts an hour and you will emerge feeling relaxed and refreshed. O2 therapy is administered from our leading team of experts that are highly knowledgeable in this field.

This makes it easier for body tissues to be oxygenated, especially if the blood circulation has been restricted in some way, e.g. after injury, surgery or from chronic diabetes. The higher concentration of oxygen in the bloodstream allows the rate of healing and repair to occur much faster.


High flow oxygen treatment is intended to:

-Increases metabolism and reduced inflammation

-Improves sleeping patterns

-Improves concentration, memory and brain clarity

-Perform better athletically

-Accelerates injury recovery and rehab

-Rejuvenates skin and appearance

-Boosts the immune system

Opened in early 2019, Fresh Treatments wanted to give consumers in Australia the chance to experience oxygen therapy Melbourne and better themselves everyday with some of the latest technologies out there in the world today that we are missing out on. There has been a decline in health over the last 10 years and Australia is on track to becoming one of the most obese countries in the world, joining America, and there aren’t many clinics out there just dedicated to improving the health and wellness of our Australian’s. Hence why we administer leading high flow oxygen therapy to ensure everyone can experience a rejuvenation like no other.

If you are seeking oxygen treatment solutions, contact us directly and speak with one of our qualified professionals.

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