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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

As with anything, you need to do it a number of times on a regular basis before seeing results. With most of our treatments, you should start experiencing benefits after 5 sessions. With the studies done all over the world, the long term benefits need at least 10 sessions and regular treatments of at-least once per week. IV therapy can also be done weekly however most people can benefit doing it once a month.

Yes it is perfectly fine to do so. All our treatments are safe and easy on the body where they can be done every other day and can be combined with other treatments in which ever order you prefer. IV Infusions should be done last.

Infrared Sauna

The Goal of Infrared Saunas is to get Infrared into your body, not high heat, so it does not need to be hot. Infrared saunas aim to raise your core body temperature, necessary to assist with documented wellness outcomes and is optimal at lower temperatures than traditional saunas.

Essentially anything that you do not mind sweating in – swimwear or activewear is recommended as these are also suitable for the shower. You are in a private room so you can go in nude with a towel wrapped around you to sweat in the towel instead of your underwear.

Sessions in an Infrared Sauna should be around 30-40 minutes, at a maximin of 45 minutes.

Normatec Recovery

Yes, the pants have a maximum level 7 of intensity which can be reduced at any time during the session if it is too uncomfortable. This level however, is typically fine for most clients.

When it comes to NormaTec, it has been recommended to use before and after exercise. It is something that can be done daily, as the more you do it the more you will feel the benefits.


Cryotherapy is easy on the skin so you don’t feel that shock of the cold water on your skin even though it is much colder, and it is easier to do with more of the health benefits in just 3 minutes as apposed to doing 30 minutes in an ice bath.

Yes you do as you will notices your hands and feet are the coldest even with them on. It is recommended to wear the ones we provide unless you have the same thickness and height socks as we do.

No. The immediate cold impact of the Cryo session will actually raise the internal body temperature for a short period of time.

IV Infusion Services

Unfortunately, we have come to the conclusion that IV Infusions may not be suitable for pregnant women. This is due to a lack of safety data regarding the effects of high doses of vitamins and micronutrients on unborn babies and infants.

Its recommended that if you plan on having an IV infusion you express milk 24hrs pre your appointment, and no breast feeding 48hrs post your IV infusion. You may express your milk post your IV infusion but discard the milk. Do not give to the baby.

Yes that is fine and it is recommended to take oral supplements to keep the vitamin levels in your body elevated even though your body doesn’t absorb all vitamins taken orally.

No, in fact it is recommended that you eat and drink beforehand as this helps the nurse find your veins more easily.

Yes they can. The Nurse can adjust the fluid drip, please speak to her about it.

No, unfortunately we cannot give infusions with any nutrients that aren’t our own.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Unfortunately, 80 minutes is the maximum time you can be in the oxygen chamber without a break. We haven’t found any studies that say longer than 80 minutes has any benefits at all. 80 minutes per day is all the time you need in the oxygen chamber to get all the benefits you need.

Fully clothed is fine in the AirPod. With the high atmospheric pressure it forces Oxygen in to your body through your clothes so it does not matter what you wear in there. Some people may think the less clothing helps, but this is not the case.

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