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Wellness 101: Your complete guide to spa and wellness

November 7th, 2019
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A spa is where you go to de-stress and unwind from a hectic lifestyle. When you think of spa treatments, you think long relaxing massages, body scrubs, and other such services. These combined with the engulfing aromas of essential oils is the perfect getaway for anyone.

Spas are not merely a luxurious contrivance. They are essential for your body’s well-being. The best spa wellness centre can help you loosen up and make your body feel relaxed. However, choosing the right service for yourself may be tricky. Here are a few tips that will boost your spa experiences.

#1 Pick the right spa

The most common criteria for people when picking a spa and wellness centre comprises of two questions – Does it fit in my budget? Also, how close is it? However, these are not the only two things that you need to consider. To pick the best spa wellness centre, you must do your research thoroughly beforehand. A few things that you might want to consider are checking for proper hygiene, friendly staff, customer testimonials, and reviews, etc. This is important so that you have an idea as to what you must expect from this place.

Moreover, hygiene is a necessity you cannot do without. If the spa you have chosen lacks this fundamental need, you should look for another one. The friendly staff can make your spa escapades more exciting and fun. Ensure that the team hired at this spa is adequately certified and licensed to perform all services. You must also make sure the spa has all the necessary equipment such as steam rooms, saunas, hydrotherapy tubs, etc. to carry out their services efficiently.

#2 Choosing the right Spa Treatments

The best spa wellness centre will offer you countless services that will help you let your hair down and relax. These services may include facials, body scrubs, massages, manicures, and so on. However, numerous other sub-types come under these services. Massages, for instance, are of several types in itself. You could opt for full-body Swedish massages, Thai massages, hot stone massages, deep tissue massages, etc. You must choose the one that is best for your body. You can do this by doing online research, followed by consulting your licensed masseuse. These professionals can help you gain the best out of your massages without them adversely affecting your body in any way. You can get this consultation along with services at the best spa wellness centre. Moreover, combining a few services can also be beneficial to you.

#3 Things to do before your spa appointment

Your spa service is not the only thing that makes your experience extraordinary. A visit to the best spa wellness centre in itself must be relaxing. You must plan your visit in such a way that after this appointment, you feel like it was your money’s worth. One trick you can adopt is arriving at your appointment earlier than the given time. This way, you can enjoy other spa services and take full benefit of them. Going for a sauna or a whirlpool before your massage can enhance your massage benefits.

Make sure you do not eat anything at least an hour before your massage. This may cause discomfort and end up affecting your body negatively. You must not eat anything an hour after either for similar reasons. Stay hydrated and drink lots of water post-massage to increase its benefits.

When you visit a spa, you must take care of all your belongings. The best spa wellness centre will offer you with lockers which will be equipped with appropriate locks. However, it is safe to leave any valuables back at home.

#4 Shower, cleanse before your massage

Showering is necessary before any spa service. If you are getting a massage, you should make sure your body is clean. This is for your benefit and also out of consideration for your aesthetician. You can either choose to shower from home or at the best spa wellness centre itself. Irrespective of your choice, you must make sure your body is clean before the appointment.

If you are planning on getting a facial, using a breath mint or gum beforehand could be useful. This is also something you can do out of consideration for your aesthetician before facials men should shave their beards as well. This is so that their skin can benefit well from it. It is advised that men shave their beards a night before their appointment. This way, their skin will not be too sensitive during the facial.

#5 Speak up about your preferences

Remember that this spa treatment at the best spa wellness centre is for you. All aspects of it must cater to your liking. This includes the lighting of your massage room and even the music that is playing. Do not be shy to inform your masseuse about any concerns. They will be more than happy to switch to your preferences. Also, be vocal about any discomfort you may feel during the massage too. If the massage is too strenuous, inform the staff and ask them to make the necessary changes. Each body is different, and everyone has different pain tolerances. So, if you feel like the massage is not relaxing you well enough, tell your masseuse.

#6 Small talk is not always necessary

It is polite to make conversation with your servers in almost all situations. However, a spa treatment is not one of them. If you are enjoying relaxing services at the best spa wellness centre, you are not obliged to make small talk with your aestheticians. They are there to provide you with experienced services that will help you unwind. You need not make conversation with them to be polite. You will be losing out on time you have allotted for relaxation if you get busy talking to your servers.

Fresh Treatments is a top choice for the best spa wellness centre in Australia. They provide their customers with the best services, which include the most recent technologies and techniques. They have a wide range of services to choose from and make spa going experiences easy and fun. So, follow these tips to get the best out of your spa experience.

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